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Game Summary

After a meteor destroys a space station during a crucial mission, one astronaut finds them self stranded on the meteor with strange gravity anomalies.

You play as an astronaut that has been cast away on a giant meteor after it destroys your crews space station during its course past Earth. You soon realise that the meteor has strange gravitational occurrences. What is causing this, and how will the astronaut return home?

The Development Team

Space Kid Productions

Game Designers

Lead Designer
Karl Eyre

Co-Lead Designer
Natasha Shabir

Jacob Clements


Sidartha Dipayhana

Environment Art
Summah McKnight

Character Art/Background
Christy Veronica

Environmental Assets
Nathan Waters


Sound Designer/ Technical Sound Designer
Kyan Rowse

Nyle Gibbens

Assistant Engineer
Eric Tse

Voice Actors

In-Game Astronaut
Ben Fucik

Animatic Ground Control Commander
Maddie Roberts

Graphic Designers

Menu Screens
Desiree Andrews

In-game UI/Game Poster
Mytharia Johnston

Studio + Game Logos
Molly Aird

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Install instructions

Download supplied zip file
Right click and click "extract here" to gain files
Double click on .exe file to run the game

Click on “Start Button”
Game will start after intro plays. Press “Escape” to skip.


Gravity Zero Build - Final.zip 70 MB

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