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After falling through the crumbling ground you find yourself in a dark and musty sewer, ominous croaking echoes from all around you. Stealth your way through the sewers and solve puzzles to earn the keys to unlock your freedom.

Feedback Form : https://forms.gle/9h552rGE5MceaCJe6

Controls : 

ESC to pause the game for hints.

WASD to move and Mouse for camera movement.

E to interact with objects.

E to pick up objects.

Credits : 

Project Manager : Rohith Maddali 

Lead Game Designer : Luke Stanley

Game Designer : Jacob Clements

Game Designer : Jake Thomas

Game Designer : Christopher Mardiryan

Animators : 

Environment Assets and Texturing : Christopher Ganal 

Toad Modelling and Animation : Sidartha Dipayhana 

Graphic Designers : 

Lead Graphic Designer : Radhika Phand

Game Logo and Studio Logo Artist : Suxuan

Programmer : 

Damien Harwood

Audio : 

Sound Design and Implementation : Kyan Rowse 

Sound Design and Composition : Nyle Gibbens

Placeholder Assets : 

Rust Key:  Aleksn09

Install instructions

Download the Zip file and extract it. Double click the Anura.exe file to run the game.


Anura v2.01 81 MB

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